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Today we will show you how to buy airline tickets at dawn. check this article

Have you ever heard that story that promotional airline tickets are cheaper at dawn? Have you tried the following airline deals after midnight? To know what you really save when booking flights, we need to understand the rationale behind airlines and why promotions happen.

What determines ticket pricing

The price of airline tickets is determined by a number of factors. For a better understanding, we summarize two of the most important determinants in this regard: seasonality and the tariff system. See below what each one means.



According to the law of supply and demand, the most desirable tickets tend to be more expensive and the less desirable ones cheaper. Therefore, flight prices vary according to destination, date, time and day of the week.

Air tickets departing on Friday and returning on Sunday are very popular due to the executive calendar, resulting in a price increase on those days of the week. On the other hand, there are cheaper flights between Tuesday and Thursday.

With that in mind, we can understand why buying tickets for weekends, holidays and holidays is so expensive. If demand increases, ticket prices will rise with it!

tariff system

The airlines’ tariff system is based on the concept of supply management. In summary, ticket prices are defined based on the division of seats into groups, each with its own value. Fares change as seats are reserved and the departure date approaches. The prices of competing airlines can also affect the ticket price.

In addition, the values ​​vary according to the tariff class, which varies according to the services offered. Options include changing flight details, baggage allowance, seat selection, and more. All passengers fly on the same aircraft and the onboard services are basically the same, even if each passenger pays a different price.

It is worth remembering that many of these services offered by airlines may have been updated due to the pandemic. Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully before completing a booking.

Early morning flight tickets

Visiting airlines’ websites after midnight isn’t always enough to ensure that overnight airline tickets are actually the cheapest.

Several elements can affect this cost, and the traveler who knows what to look for will have no problem saving a ton of money on tickets.

Use a good flight search engine

Even knowing all the airline websites in the world, you still have to spend a lot of time researching each airline’s prices, fare classes, dates, destinations and travel times.

At these times, the only alternative is to have an airline ticket search tool such as Tickets Promo, which performs this search simultaneously on several sites, just to present you with the results, thus helping to support your choice.

This will allow you to do even more extensive research in a shorter amount of time to secure the savings you need for your trip.

Instead of putting together price comparison tables and hoping that the offer doesn’t change between your search and your purchase, just enter the cities of origin and destination, the dates of departure and return and that’s it. Just choose the best offer!

Best of all, a specialized and reliable platform like Passagens Promo gives travelers more tools to improve their searches.

You can use price alerts, multi-country tickets and even choose the best airport for your departure or arrival!

Avoid traveling on holidays, weekends and high season

The choice of season is very important! The ideal is to travel in low season to save both on tickets and during the trip. In high season, the demand for tickets increases, which increases the price of airline tickets.

Even if your ticket search dates are more limited, try to select departures for weekdays such as Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday. And avoid going back on Sunday: Monday or Tuesday is always cheaper.

Longer trips can be cheaper

Always try to stay at your destination for at least 7 days (if possible) to find the cheapest price, as cheaper fares are available for longer travel periods.

advance payment

Prepayment is important! Each destination has its best time to buy tickets, but cheaper fares are found 90 days (and up to 180) in advance.

If you can’t get there that early, at least try to book your airfare 60 days in advance to get access to the second wave of better fares.

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