Apps for booking hotels


The number of apps for booking hotels is huge. So it’s hard to choose the best one because it doesn’t exist. What exists are the most suitable applications for each user and traveler profile. Here we list the main applications in this area to make life easier for those who are always looking for a good and cheap hotel to stay. But we don’t forget those who want to find the best in this field.

Best Apps for Booking Hotels


TripAdvisor is more of a social network than anything else. Millions of users around the world rate their locations and leave great, informative reviews. Many people spend hours traveling the world with TripAdvisor and dreaming of paradise islands. Another strength of the app is that it includes multiple reviews of things like nearby restaurants. You can also book tickets and flights directly through the app.



KAYAK is one of the biggest apps for booking flights and hotels. It has a simple look. Its differential is the additional features present in the app. We have things like an airline contact information directory, fare change review features, notifications, in-flight location view and much more. The part of planning a stay is no different from the others, not least because it does not have its own system, since it adds third parties.


Expedia’s look is very beautiful and modern. It focuses on its two main functions, booking hotels and flights, without any other smaller tools. The whole process is very easy and fast. Reservations can be made through the app itself or by phone. The reservation system is Expedias’ own system without using third-party services.

Unlike the other apps listed, does not work with airline reservations. The focus is entirely on hotels and other types of accommodation. Therefore, it is the best option in this regard. With a variety of exclusive offers and hotel information, you can find the best option for every situation. Want something good and cheap in the pet-friendly neighborhood? It will find what fits these parameters. The community is very large and brings very accurate feedback, which is very helpful.


We can see that all applications have their differences. Some are more prominent than others, but they all cater to different user profiles. TripAdvisor for example is for those who want to plan that dream trip. KAYAK and Expedia are ideal for those who travel a lot and need the facilities that the app offers. While is for those who only care about their stay, it offers the best hotel search option.

With the exception of, all apps can perform the same core functions, but as we can see by looking at each app, this is not always ideal for all cases. All apps deliver what they promise.

The biggest difference that we can share with some of them here is the fact that TripAdvisor is the only one that has photos of the place submitted by the users themselves. This ensures that we have no surprises at check-in. Therefore, he is the one with the highest score.

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