Apps for physical exercises


Did you know that you can counter with Apps for physical exercises? Check out this list we prepared for you.
Exercising at home has become a common practice in the past year, as gyms and other training centers have been closed to ensure protective measures. But training alone can be difficult and risky without the guidance and guidance of qualified instructors. The list below brings the best apps for physical exercises you want to continue or start physical activity, ranging from training for muscle strengthening and weight loss to breathing exercises with stretching and yoga.

Apps for physical exercises


An excellent app with few flaws and with the most free services and many features for different sports, despite minor flaws, RunKeeper is a strong candidate to help connected athletes who want to plan their steps in detail to improve their physical and mental health. It is worth it.



The goal of being a virtuagym has been achieved and through this application it is possible to perform physical activities and gradually progress if the user wants complete plans and long-term activities. The app definitely caters to the user who wants to improve their quality of life. Of course, it’s not perfect and it has flaws, but don’t use anything that will harm you and if you accept the challenge of a healthier lifestyle and want your smartphone to help you, VirtuaGym is a good choice.

Adidas MiCoach

More was expected from this application, the combination of adidas errors makes no sense, adidas miCoach fails to present basic and attractive things for the customer, such as: B. sharing on Facebook and/or Twitter, it is known that the absolute majority share this way Another thing is the lack of features, adidas was very concerned about people’s device storage and decided to use the app as much as possible Shortening videos and free on all services is good news but bugs outweigh in very much the capabilities of the APK . There is a need to add more plans, releases and more features to the application without having to open the website to run the features. For now, don’t even think about downloading this small but weak app.

Nike Training Club

The Nike Training app, powered by sporting goods brand Nike, offers a variety of free workouts, from strength and cardio to yoga and mobility sessions, for people of all fitness levels. The exercises are divided into categories that cover types of training with or without equipment, short and for athletes.

To gain access you need to register for free on the app and answer some questions about your physical profile. Depending on your goal, fitness and available time per week, you can create an individual training plan or access existing training collections.


BodBot is a digital personal trainer that creates personalized workouts for the user, depending on the desired goal and difficulty level, available resources, physical capacity and other factors. The schedule is adjusted according to the evolution of the user, such as performing or skipping exercises.
It is possible to use the application to perform physical activities both at home and in the gym, informing the available equipment. The app also has a nutrition function that captures users’ food preferences and allergies and makes nutritional suggestions to achieve the recorded goal.

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