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Did you know that it is possible to have the holy words on your smartphone? Bible online app is a reality.
The Word of Jesus is the most important book for all who follow Christianity, regardless of its appearance. Not just a book that tells the story of Jesus, reading the Bible can also serve as a guide to values ​​and even a form of self-help for those who feel distressed and turn to religion in search of an answer to their problems or motivational consequences. next
Small verses or passages from the Holy Bible can help you in your spiritual life, make you reconsider your everyday attitudes and your true purpose in life. If you are new to the Bible, especially on mobile phones or tablets, we have listed below the best apps to follow Jesus’ teachings.
For those who still don’t have a Bible due to financial problems or other reasons, the following apps will help you a lot to keep up with the Scriptures as they are read by the church pastor or pastor.

Even if you already have a Holy Bible and want to modernize, use your cell phone or other mobile device to be more mobile and take your digital Bible with you everywhere, check out the best rated and used apps for religious, Apps available for iOS and Android.


Holy Bible

Application developed by Life.Church, one of the most complete and downloaded applications in the category, the app has surprising references, in the main application stores, with multiple functions and extremely important content, the application has already reached the mark of 180 million installations on devices from all over the world.
In addition to reading Bible passages, the Holy Bible app allows users to customize the Bible apps interface, easily select the app version and language, read the Bible offline when not using a connected Wi-Fi or cellular network, and still listen. the Bible in audios available in the most recent versions.
Available for Android and iOS.

Children’s Bible

The Children’s Bible tells the most important biblical stories in children’s language, such as the creation of the world, the Garden of Eden and Noah’s Ark. The passages contain large illustrations that accompany the texts, as well as audio commentary. The Children’s Bible created by LisbonLabs is free to download on iPhone and Android, but stories must be purchased separately (except creation, which is free).

Bible JFA Offline

Among the offline apps, this one is without a doubt the best as it offers offline readings and much more. For example, it has a specific word for each theme, helping to have a direction based on the sacred word.
In addition, the app has various activities, Bible study plans to help everyone in their difficult times. It also counts when you are online to direct you to the nearest churches and religious events that will be happening in your city, facilitating a life connected with the Holy Word.

Harp Bible

Designed especially for sisters and interested in the word and teachings of God, but if you are a man you can easily download this app, there are no restrictions. the teachings are for everyone. Among so many options in the app stores, this app has a point that others don’t the harp.
A light, beautiful and fluid layout, the application was developed for the female audience, but if you are a man and are interested in this application, you have no problem using it, the word does not change. The app also works in offline mode, so you can go anywhere and take the word of God with you.
Only available for Android.

These are the best and most reliable Bible online app

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