Bigo TV


Bigo TV proposal is to allow live transmission on Android and iPhone (iOS) cell phones. The platform works as a social network where it is possible to gain followers and interact with them throughout their lives. You can register with a Facebook, Google, VK, Instagram or Twitter account or use a phone number. The application allows you to join video rooms, stream together and observe other people’s lives on various topics.
To create your Live, tap the circle icon at the bottom of the screen, configure your Live name, tags and cover photo, tap OK, then tap Live. Masks, beautification tools and options for sharing the video conference are available in the app, for example also via VK or Twitter. To end the stream, simply tap the X icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.

How to earn money with Bigo TV?

It is possible to earn money with beans at Bigo Live. To do this, you need followers who will send you virtual currency during your lifetime in the form of gifts bought with diamonds. Each one has a value and you can choose the amount to send. To buy diamonds, go to Wallet and tap Google Wallet. You can pay with Google Play Store credit. It is now possible to buy gifts and send them to other Bigo Live users.


Beans are the virtual currencies used in Bigo Live. They can be converted into cash, with each US dollar costing 210 grains. However, the minimum amount for each exchange is 6,700 beans (about $31) and the maximum is 1.05 million ($5,000). The exchange of beans for money can only be done once a week. It is also possible to convert the value of the dollar to the actual value of the quotation of the day.
During their live broadcasts on Bigo Live, viewers can send virtual gifts on their own, which are converted into beans and stored in their apps virtual wallet. They can be exchanged for diamonds or turned into real money. The more captivated the spectators, the more chances and more money they tend to get. Beans cannot be bought.
It is possible to withdraw money from Bigo Live and transfer it to a bank card – the application does not explain whether it should be a credit or debit card, nor which flags are accepted by the platform. To deposit funds, you must pay a wire transfer fee of USD 3 plus a foreign currency conversion fee of USD 2 of the total transaction amount.

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