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We will bring you one of the best ways to watch football online. Check out this article we prepared.
Gathering with family and friends to watch a football match is undoubtedly one of the most common encounters in Brazilian daily life. Because cheering, vibrating and crying for the team in your heart, accompanied by people who share the same passion, is a unique experience.
However, in order to have fun and not miss any movement in the game, it is very important that the transmitted image is of good quality. But how to watch football in HD live and for free? To answer that question, we created this article.

How to watch football online

Thanks to the modernization of digital devices, it is possible to watch live the most important football tournaments such as the Champions League, the European Championship, the Brazilian Championship. Copa Libertadores and Copa do Brasil directly on TV, tablet, PC or cell phone wherever you are.
In addition, accessing live football coverage has become even easier with the popularization of streaming platforms. However, we understand that having so many subscription channels is not financially viable for most Brazilians.
If you find yourself in this situation, know that it is possible to follow the main football championships live on the Internet for free and completely legal, through:
• open TV station;
• applications;
• social networks;
• streaming platforms.


Star+ debuted in Brazil in 2021. Due to Disney’s purchase of Fox, the streaming service received content from ESPN channels and broadcast not only news, but also broadcasts of various football competitions such as: Italian Championship, French Championship and Copa Libertadores .
In addition to football, the service offers live streams of NBA games, fight events with ESPN Knock Out, and other sports broadcasts.

Star’s monthly fee is R$32.90 or R$45.90 when combined with Disney.


The service broadcast the Brasileirão matches in 2021. In 2022, HBO Max started broadcasting the Campeonato Paulista matches. WarnerMedia, which owns the service, has the rights to broadcast the competition until 2025. In addition, the platform will broadcast the UEFA Champions League matches live.
HBO Max has a mobile plan for R$19.90 and a multi-screen plan for R$27.90.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video can be an option for watching football matches online. In 2022, after an agreement with Globo, Prime Video will broadcast 36 matches of the Copa do Brasil, including some matches that Globo will not broadcast. There are no additional costs for the service subscriber to broadcast these games.
Prime Video’s monthly fee is R$9.90. The Amazon Prime Video subscriber can also subscribe to Premiere through Amazon Prime Video channels.


Although Twitch is not a platform focused on streaming sports, streamers with a large following have acquired the rights to broadcast some competitions. An example of this is the streamer Gaules, which will broadcast NBA games in 2021.
In 2022, streamers Casimiro and Gaules received the rights to broadcast the Campeonato Carioca. In addition to the duo, Ronaldo TV, channel of former player Ronaldo Fenômenos on Twitch, also broadcasts Rio de Janeiro games in his room. So stay tuned to the platform and content creators to watch live games for free.

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