Games to make money

Today we will show you the best games to make money in 2022. Check out this article that we prepared for you.
Some moments of the day call for relaxation, right? What if you can make money playing during these periods? That’s the promise of some online or downloadable games available in app stores.
Games that give money don’t pay much, that’s true. But you can earn some extra money while having fun and then even transfer that money to Paypal.
The main earning opportunities are the games’ own digital currencies, and while some games only offer the opportunity to convert them into gift cards, other games give real money.
Therefore, cash payment is usually made through PayPal (as mentioned earlier) after accumulating a value if the player is drawn or wins a prize using an online scratch card.

Games to make money


Available for: Android (330,096 User Ratings/Rating: 4.2)
How to make money:
300 points for registering with a different user code;
Email account verification 50 points;
50 points for completing your user profile;
10 points for a like on the appKarma Facebook page;
5 points for daily check-in;
equal to 10 points accumulated by users registered with your code;
rewarding missions in different ways, from games to polls and opinions.
How is the payment done? After accumulating your balance, request payment via PayPal or gift card on Google Play, iTunes, Xbox Live, Amazon, Playstation and more.


In addition to maintaining game continuity, this game (for Android) allows you to earn points by answering quizzes, inviting friends, interacting with other players and performing other simple actions.

You don’t have to pay anything to play. Payouts are real money sweepstakes and games can pay an extra $100!
Feature Points
Android (118,460 Ratings/User Rating: 4.0)
iOS (2,200 Ratings/User Rating: 4.3)
How to make money:
Credit registered with other user codes;
Points for referring new users (equivalent to 50 new player earnings);
Variable rewards based on completed tasks, such as games, surveys, and videos.
How much does it cost: free.
Payment method: After accumulating a minimum balance of 3,000 points, which is equivalent to $5, simply request payment through Paypal and other tools.


By downloading the game for Android, players can directly win prizes in daily scratch cards through Event Points or refer new users.
The game is completely free and after accumulating points or winnings there is the possibility of transferring money through Paypal, not to mention the rewards in the form of vouchers.
It is on the list of the best games for those who want to make money in a simple and easy way, mainly because of its positive reviews.

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