Snapchat for browser


Snapchat is releasing the desktop version of its app, Snapchat for the browser, to the entire global community, the company announced.
Snapchat messaging and video chatting features are no longer limited to just the mobile app.
Every day, 332 million people open Snapchat on their phones and use their cameras to chat live with their friends.
Snapchat for browser

Planned launch

More than a decade after the launch of the Snapchat app, the company is releasing Snapchat for the web, a new version of its browser-based service.
The social network initially launched Snapchat for the web for Snapchat subscribers in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
The desktop version is now accessible to all Snapchat users.


Privacy features

privacy features
Snap also tried to import some of its subscription privacy features into the web version. For example, it blocks any screenshot attempts that it can detect, such as those created with keyboard shortcuts.

The company also added a privacy screen that blocks the content of users’ chats when they click on a separate window.
Snapchat for browser lets you send messages and snapshots, as well as video chat and voice calls.
It’s not the first time Snap has experimented with desktop or browser-based features.
The company had already made some Stories posts visible in web browsers and brought its AR effects to the desktop with its Snap Camera app.

But it’s the first time that some of Snapchats’ core messaging features have been available to users outside of the mobile app.

Messaging Features

Snapchat for the web also gives you access to the messaging features of the mobile apps, including chat reactions. Since the last update, it also has more than 10 lenses for video calls.
The change could help Snapchat increase engagement with its most engaged users.
A spokesperson for Snap noted that video calls have become increasingly popular with Snapchat users in recent years and that a desktop experience can be more conducive to longer video calls.
It could also help Snap replicate the experience of apps like Discord, where teens tend to use chats as places to chat while engaging in other online activities.

How do I access?

To access Snapchat on the web, you need to go to the Snapchat website and log in with your Snapchat username and password.
You will be prompted to complete 2-Step Verification on your phone. Once you open Snapchat for the web, you can pick up your conversations where you left off on your phone.
When you use Snapchat for the web, your Bitmoji will appear in chats while holding a laptop to show others that you are accessing desktop chat.

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