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Today I will show you golf fans How to watch Golf Live. Check out this article that we prepared for you on or topic.

Although not as popular as other sports, golf was and still is of great importance to many people around the world. Are you an amateur and want to know where to watch live golf? In this article you will find the best websites and apps to watch live golf for free.

From the Augusta Masters to the British Open, see the many options we offer you to watch golf online. Most of them are free, but for those who want the best quality and exclusive content, we also show you the payment options.

With all that said, we were ready to go, let’s go!

Best sites to watch live golf for free

To open the list of alternatives that you can use to watch live golf, let’s talk about the websites. They can be used from your computer, mobile phone or television with Internet connection.

These options are completely free and you can enjoy all the championships.


Less ads and more fun watching your favorite sports With this motto, welcome us to Sportcategory, a website where you can enjoy a variety of sports: football, tennis, basketball, baseball, boxing and, of course, golf.

Usage is simple and intuitive, with a top bar where we select the sport we want to watch and a list of all available events. Thanks to the almost complete absence of advertising, just press the event to watch live golf for free.

Another feature that makes Sportscategory a superior option is its diversity when it comes to offering broadcasts. Each game has a series of links from which you can choose the one you like best.

Likewise, it has several language options. While most are in English, they are readily available in Spanish.

RTVE à la carte

The well-known Spanish channel has a free streaming service where you can watch golf online.

The letter? Yes, like a Sera restaurant menu, this service allows us to choose what we want to see and reproduce it for free.

Here we can enjoy the program that is felt on the different channels of the chain and have several live broadcasts of what is being broadcast. You can also find exclusive content such as movies and TV series.

As for the section to watch golf live for free, we will get to know many of the most famous events in the world of this sport and also provide information about them and a schedule of future broadcasts.

No Registration required and its intuitive interface will please more than one.


This could be the best option for all golf lovers in Spain. Visit the online golf channel This can be done through your website, which has a simple and practical design.

In addition to the option to watch live golf for free, we have different guides to take us to a specific location. Tournament information, latest news, training camps, golf instructors and much more, all available in Spain.

More than a website to watch golf live for free, it is a platform for fans of this sport who want to consume related content.

Do you want to play golf? At Canalgolf you will find the best products, brands, trainers and places to do so. Be sure to see the Gulf Channel and all it has to offer.

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