World Cup 2022 round of 16


Are you ready for the World Cup 2022 round of 16?
The 2022 World Cup so far has shown great candidates and surprises in the group stage. Of course, all teams have the same goal: to reach the round of 16 of the competition. So far, France, Brazil, Portugal, Netherlands, Senegal, England and the United States have secured places in the round of 16. However, there is still a lot to do for the round of 16.
Selections like Spain, Argentina and Germany try to assert themselves in the list of favorites. It is worth remembering that some teams are well on their way to the round of 16. See everything about the next phase of the competition, including dates, times and where to watch the games.

World Cup Round of 16 Qualifiers

France from Group D is the first team guaranteed in the knockout stage. The current champions won the first two games (against Australia and Denmark) and confirmed their place for one round. The last confrontation will be against Tunisia, next Wednesday (30).


The second selection in the Round of 16 of Group G was Brazil. In the first games of the group stage, the team beat Serbia 2-0 and Switzerland 1-0 and guaranteed early access to the round of 16. Brazil faces Cameroon in the last round next Friday (02).

Portugal secured the round of 16 as the third team. Portugal’s qualification was confirmed after a 2-0 victory over Uruguay. The Portuguese face South Korea next Friday (02).

Two groups have already been defined in the third round. In Group A, the Netherlands finished first with two wins and a draw, while Senegal moved up to second place with two wins and one defeat. In Group B, England finished first with seven points, while the United States finished second with five points.

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